Mobile Marketing Engine and began to co-host a podcast called Zero to Scale which centers around how he and co-host Justin McGill are working to move their businesses from ideas to $20k/mo in MRR and beyond. Greg explains the criteria he used to decide when it would happen for him and we also talk about some of the mindset issues that might hold you back and things you need to think about to move yourself forward.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Greg’s criteria to leave his job and how he moved the process along
  • How Greg conquered his goal and quit his job 5 months before he planned to
  • The things that can cause you to feel bad about leaving a job and how to look at it differently
  • How Greg pivoted to a new service and the results so far
  • Falling in love with a problem and not a solution
  • Why it’s important to to find the bigger purpose in what you’re doing

Greg says anybody considering leaving their job should first identify their skillset, then find something that can be monetized and find the people who are willing to give you money for it. Once you’ve done that, it’s likely time to set your criteria for what you need to leave your job. If you’d like some help getting started, I have a free email course which will guide you through the process of finding the perfect business idea.

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  1. Liv Faye says:

    Hi Sarah this interview was so helpful! I love the idea of falling in love with the problem and coming from that angle, it really helps to stop preaching only to the choir! For some reason System.ly sounds so succesful to me just for the name haha. It follows the same pattern of other sites like easel.ly.

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