Let me guess…

You want to start a business or release a product, but you don't know if your idea is valid. You don't know whether anybody will pay for it and you don't want to get in too deep and waste time and money if it turns out to be a bust.

I get it. That's why validating your product or business is so important.

In today's episode, I'll be going through a handful of great validation tactics to make sure that you can actually earn money from your product before you release it.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to validate your business or product idea with 4 different methods
  • Why validating your idea before taking the leap into it is important
  • How to use Etsy and Udemy to figure out whether there's a market for your product
  • How to use a simple ad and a landing page to see if your product will convert
  • My favorite method of all that I'm going through with a program I'm creating.

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