I started my first online business at 19. It was an online store in the pet industry, and I ordered product from China to resell online. This was back when I thought blogs were all on Live Journal and my website knowledge was limited to none. The store tanked as I quickly realized that shipping my products cost more than anybody would ever be willing to pay, so I sold the products at cost to a local store owner who wanted to sell it in her own shop. Today's guest, however, Andreea Ayers from the fabulous website Launch Grow Joy made six figures on her shop within 18 months of launching it, thanks not only to her hustle but also to being featured on a series of magazines that helped boost her credibility and get her products in front of more eyes.

How to Get Your Product in a Magazine

  Andreea is kind enough to teach us today how to get your product in a magazine. This is easily one of the most actionable podcast episodes as of yet, and I'm so excited to release it! In this episode, you'll learn why eCommerce entrepreneurs need to be featured on popular publications like magazines, how to land your first (and second, and third) feature, an actionable publicity formula and email template you can use and how to find the contacts you need, and why you need to you have your own website rather than relying only on platforms like Etsy. And yes, your store NEEDS an email list. You'll learn why it's important and what to send your contacts.

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