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Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes, I wake up demotivated. Sometimes, I'm uninspired, busy, or just really tired. It's easy to think that if only I had more time, more energy, and more resources, maybe I'd be further ahead or things would be easier. But the crazy thing is, even with limited time and resources, I have still found a way to push forward every day. And before February, I worked full-time and juggled not only building Unsettle, but also maintaining two blogs and our Etsy shop. But even before my last day at the day job, I was able to replace my income through my businesses – even despite my lack of time.

There is one incredibly simple secret to building an online business with limited resources.

No, I’m not going to tell you to manifest the business in your mind and it will show up on your doorstep tomorrow morning, dropped off by the stork of entrepreneurship. Life doesn't work like that. The one secret that will move you forward in building your dream every single time, is this: Spend one hour each day, every single day building your dream. You need to show up every single day and spend the time doing something that will set your dream into motion. That is the secret to building an online business while juggling the rest of your life. Every single day, spend four percent of your day on your dream. It’s worth at least that, right? When I first started Unsettle, even when I had a crazy busy day at work, or when I felt demotivated or uninspired,  I'd spend at least one hour each day doing something important that would take me closer to my goal (an Important Mission: MIM). After reading a perfect blend of reports, books, blogs and resources, I was convinced that I needed to spend a portion of every day – even just 4% – writing. My devotion to getting up every morning and writing helped me see 3,267 views on launch day alone. It helped me help others begin to build their dreams. And it's been one of the driving factors in helping me build an audience through Unsettle such that I can make a living online doing what I love. It's been such a game-changer, in fact, that I didn't stop when I started working on Unsettle full-time. I wake up uninspired most days, but I still write. Instead of writing when I feel inspired, or when I think of a topic, every morning I wake up, drink a glass of water, feed my dogs, and write. I set aside an hour each day though often I'm often satisfied with my writing before the hour is up. How long I actually spend writing varies day to day, but one thing stays consistent: I show up.

A Common Myth about Inspiration

If you've ever struggled with inspiration, this is for you. And who hasn't? When I discovered this hack, I excitedly told a fellow blogger about it. She was struggling to grow her blog and my goal is always to help people achieve their own. But she told me: “I’m a creative. Creatives write when we’re inspired”. This is a common myth about artists and entrepreneurs of any sort. It's a myth because it's simply not true. The great writers, entrepreneurs, and artists of the world built habits around their craft. They showed up and did the work every single day. They did not wait for inspiration to strike. The people who really succeed in their lives don’t wake up inspired or motivated every day. Jillian Michaels does not wake up in the morning every day thinking about how excited she is to get to the gym. Michael Phelps probably doesn't wake up in the morning ready to rush off to practice. These people got to their level because every single day, they practiced their craft. Waiting for motivation to strike will keep you firmly rooted in mediocrity. • If you want to learn a new language, get up every day and learn • If you are a painter, get up every day and paint • If you want to become healthier, get up every day and spend the time preparing healthy food. Sure, sometimes what I wrote during my morning writing habit was not fit for human consumption. Sometimes, it took me three mornings to write something worthwhile. Often, I wouldn’t be able to finish my articles before my hour was up and I had to get ready for my day job. But at the end of the week, every week, I not only had dozens of articles and ideas in my arsenal, but my writing also improved. I had written thousands of words. It helped me become more effective and faster in my writing, which now saves me an insane amount of time. So think about it. What is one thing that you can devote an hour a day toward, which will help you build your dream? An hour a day keeps mediocrity away.

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