What you do when you first wake up sets not only the foundation for your day…

But also your foundation for achieving your goals.

I wrote article a while ago about the power of routine. Almost every single high performer you can think of – everybody from Maya Angelou to Michael Phelps and Benjamin Franklin – wakes up a few hours before they settled into work and set a solid routine. When I fail to get through the routines, I’m not as motivated, not as focused and my day is generally not as successful When you set your morning up for success, your whole day is set up for success.”  Today we are talking with Jeff Sanders . His “5 Am Miracle” podcast has been #1 in both the self help and business categories. He’s determined to help people “wake up with intention and purpose.” “You begin to live the life you dream of living.” – Jeff

In this episode, Jeff and I talk about:

  • How to wake up early (no, it's not rocket science!)
  • Why waking up a few hours before you start working is crucial
  • Building your business in the mornings before your 9-5
  • Keeping your focus on productivity
  • Setting boundaries

“Have a written plan and wake up and look at your day. Take some time to reflect on how your day is going to go so you can be as intentional as possible.” – Jeff Learn more about Jeff at JeffSanders.com, or listen to his podcast on iTunes.

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