Hi! I'm Sarah. Welcome to Unsettle. This website will help you find the focus, motivation, and inspiration to start making changes toward solopreneurship.  You have roughly 936 months to live and it seems a crime to waste 480 of those doing work that doesn't excite your pants off. This blog is for people who are sold on the idea of buying back their time and building something for themselves, and just don't know where to start or how to fit it all in around the real responsibilities that life hands us. Most of us can't just quit our jobs and start a business or begin digital nomadism on the drop of a hat. We have mortgages, kids, and years of noise bombarding us about norms and societal expectations. We have bills to pay and shit to do, and chances are you've already built a career around the notion of fulfilling those responsibilities and expectations. That doesn't mean you have to settle, though. I'll help you with the tools and ideas to Unsettle. What you can expect from Unsettle:

  • How to get the motivation, inspiration, and direction to get started on building your own career
  • Realize your potential without having to work within the confines of a traditional 9-5 (yes, you have a choice!)
  • Helpful ideas on what to start and how to keep your momentum going
  • Helpful tricks and tips on focus: how to get more of it, how to work through periods of overwhelm, and how to produce more focused work.

About Me

Sarah Unsettle

I live in a small city outside of Vancouver, British Columbia where I moved in 2010 with my then boyfriend, now husband, Jason. We have two ridiculously cute senior dogs, Tansy and Fern, who just want to be left alone to sleep and don't know why I'm always baby-talking to them. Shortly after we moved, I started my first blog on a whim and have since started several blogs and small online businesses. In the four years since, I've quadrupled my income through building online micro businesses and strategic moves, and now I'm in the process of buying back my time. My skills are influencing and inspiring people, coaching, speaking and organizing ideas, and (I like to think) writing. My passions are reading, connecting, the internet and travel. My biggest interest right now is how societal change happens, individual motivation and solopreneurship. I absorb an absurd amount of information every single day. From at least 1-2 books each week, dozens of podcasts, and likely hundreds of blog posts, studies, and articles, I seek out information compulsively and test its effectiveness where possible. I love coaching people through skill identification and the implementation of their micro businesses and inspiring people to continue forward momentum. I hope you read along, subscribe for updates to your email inbox and send me an email any time you want to give me feedback, let me know what you are struggling with and how I can help, or just want to chat. You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “What is Unsettle and Why Should You Care?

  1. Becky says:

    Hi Sarah. My cousin Teri George passed on your site info. Seems interesting! 8 l8ve in Cloverdale. I am currently on Mat leave (daughter #2) from my full time position but I hope to be able to NOT return to my 9-5 next fall. I have a Meal Planning and Freezer Meal Workshops business I started casually about a year ago (as an off shoot from my food blog.) Things are taking off but without a ton of capital for marketing it’s challenging to break out of the “facebook” circle. Do you have experience with this? Hope we can connect.

    • Sarah says:

      Hey Becky!
      Thanks so much for stopping by! And thank you Teri for sharing 🙂
      That’s exciting that your site is taking off! I just checked your site out, it looks great! If you want a bit of feedback feel free to send me an email at sarah@unsettle.org.
      I don’t think you need to have capital at all to do some serious marketing, as long as you have some time and effort to spare. We can chat about some strategies in email if you want, though I may post about some soon!

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