Let me guess…

You want to get paid to do work you love online.

You want to be able to work from home, cut out that nasty commute and spend more time with your family.

You want to have the flexibility and freedom to choose your hours, your work, and how much you earn.

If I guessed right on any of these dreams, then today's guest and I will show you exactly how to achieve them and how to start freelance writing.

Today's guest is Gina Horkey, who has grown a freelance writing business that she started in 2014 to the point where she was making $4,000 per month freelancing after six months – and in June, earned more than $9,000 in her business. How would it feel if you earned an extra $4,000 per month doing something you love? How would it feel to you if you could earn $9,000 per month from home and got to spend more time with your family? I can tell you it feels pretty damn good. Gina will go over her story in how she gets clients, how she got started in freelance writing, and what it's like to be the primary breadwinner for her family while earning the flexibility to enjoy her children more. In the beginning of this episode we chat about Gina's excellent course to help you get started with earning your own freelance income. I highly recommend it and have actually implemented some of the course in my own business to increase my freelancing income by up to 50%.

Some topics we discuss include:

  • How to start as a freelancer and locating your first clients
  • Finding your WHY and how to figure out what motivates you
  • Her classes on building your sample portfolio and how to pitch
  • How to set your freelance rates
  • Scaling a freelance business
  • Her 3 favorite tools of the trade
  • Finding the balance between family time and running a successful business

Gina’s advice to those considering freelancing is to take action. Don’t be paralyzed by information overload, figure out a game plan and know it can adjust over time. Just take that first step forward.

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    • Gina Horkey says:

      Hey Steven – I LOVE Trello! Right now I use it as my fluid to do list. I have a few boards, but my main one is my to do list. This houses multiple cards; one for each day of the week (M-F), one for next week/month, one for keeping tracking of content deadlines/topics for this month and lastly, one that houses my future blog post ideas. Hope this helps!

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