an article about Etsy and how my very part-time small Etsy side hustle paid for my honeymoon, most of my wedding and has funded a lot of my travel so far. It blew up, got a lot of attention and many people were interested in starting their own businesses on Etsy, so when I met Maria Oliviera who not only also sells on Etsy, but is full-time on Etsy (and her boyfriend is, too!) I knew I had to bring her onto the podcast to talk to you about this. Not only that, but I approached her to collaborate on a project with me… A project that is brought to you from great demand: a course to help you start and launch a profitable Etsy shop to earn $1,000/month or more. To help you start without the course – and to tell you a bit more about the course – I'm hosting a webinar this Saturday at 10am PST – I’ll be teaching you all about how to earn your first $1000 a month on Etsy. To join, you can enroll at etsysuccessblueprint.com. Spaces are limited! Maria began her Etsy shop after leaving a career as district manager for a fashion retailer. She had always wanted to work for herself and Etsy provided a lot of opportunity with minimal risk. She initially started with housewares and eventually transitioned to fashion. It’s a competitive market but soon found her niche. “I realized I had my own style in the vintage community.” – Maria

In this episode, You'll learn about:

  • The blissful autonomy that Etsy provides
  • How to building a shop on Etsy
  • Organizing and maintaining inventory
  • How to get started, and why you should just do it
  • Taking photos that sell themselves
  • How to use social media to drive sales to your Etsy shop.

“What you start selling might not be what makes your full time living a year from now.” – Maria One piece of advice from Maria to someone getting started is to just get started. Don’t get hung up on the little things. Even if you’re not 1000 sure what you want to sell, just start with your first idea and go from there. “An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory,” – Ralph Waldo Emerson You can find Maria at etsyhowto.com, visit her shop, Colony Vintage on Etsy, or follow her on Instagram.

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