Have you ever wondered how to find your calling? What it looks like to pursue your life's work and lead a meaningful life and career?

I'm so excited to publish this episode with Jeff Goins about finding and pursuing your calling, the future of work, and how to allocate your resources to make the most impact.

Jeff just launched an amazing book called The Art of Work, where he writes about a lot of the topics we cover on Unsettle: finding what you're meant to do, mentorships, listening to your life and doing something meaningful. And I'm so honored Jeff decided to join me on the Unsettle Podcast to go over some of these themes.

I also have a few copies of The Art of Work to give away to three people who leave reviews on iTunes for the Unsettle podcast. Head on over to iTunes now to leave  review to be entered to win =)

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What a “calling” really is
  • Whether following your calling always has to have something to do with your career
  • The entrepreneur's tendency to make your whole life about your work at the expense of your relationships
  • What to do when you know what your calling is, but don't have the resources to pursue it
  • [Tweet “What makes a life extraordinary aren't the chances we get, but what we do with them (via @jeffgoins on the Unsettle Podcast: https://www.unsettle.org/find-your-calling/”]
  • How to allocate your resources to maximize the effect of them
  • Whether people will know when they find their calling
  • How to find the crucial community to help support you through the process of following your calling
  • How to find mentors, and the different relationships that make up a community
  • What the future of work is, and why you need to combine a variety of skills in a unique way that provides value
  • How to “do it all”, and manage many projects so they'll work for you later on without your attention.

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