My Commitment to Unsettlers

When you become part of a community or a cause, you want to know that the community or cause is equally as committed to you.

I get it. There is so much noise on the internet, and you want to be tuning in to a blog that you trust.

Unsettle is built on trust and full-disclosure, and here is my commitment to Unsettlers

  • Unsettle is proudly 100% advertisement free
  • You will never get spam or any other junk from Unsettle
  • I always disclose affiliate links
  • I personally read all comments, and respond to comments that require one
  • I read all email that comes through my inbox. I try to respond to each and every one. It may take awhile, but I will personally respond. Unless you’re a spammer, or looking for advertising. See above
  • No pop-up boxes. If you want to subscribe, please do (by clicking here), but I won’t force you to by making a box pop up in your face. That’s rude.

Basically, no shady goings on whatsoever. Unsettle has an ethical, open-door policy, and I’m committed to keeping it that way. I expect the same from the community, myself, and any contributors of the blog. Let’s build an awesome, no-bullshit place together!